Meet the Bikeventures Uganda team:

‘Tricky Tonny’

Meet Tonny Luuwune. An awesome guide, with a welcoming smile! You for sure will feel welcomed with his excellent customer service skill. He will be able to make conversation with pretty much every living thing on the planet and goes that extra mile to make sure our clients are happy.

‘David the determinater’

Meet David Ekooto. Give him any hill and he will ride it. Give him your bike and he will repair it. Give him a question and he will answer it. David is such a determined, pivotal team member. His knowledge of Jinja is full of surprises. He is a great team player and very friendly to all of our clients

The credible Louis’

Meet Louis the credible. A tour guide like no other. You will never see him stop smiling as he rides around the red dirt roads of Jinja. He supports the team to get the job done on a day to day bases. If he is not on a tour, he is selling one. If he is not on his email, he is networking in town. A hard worker may not even match his awesome efforts for the team to be a great one.

 ‘Lovely Lilian’

Meet Lilian Kabiri, she is an awesome team player within the Bikeventures team and ensures the team are thriving in their daily activities. She is our finance and administration coordinator, if the Bikeventures team our out of office (on a tour, bicycle safari or testing new routes) Lilian is the go to lady to help with any inquires or bookings! She will be able to answer any question you have, and by that we mean she knows everything down to the finest detail.