Coop-Uganda in Partnership with Bikeventures Uganda is happy to announce the first ever Critical mass ride in Jinja!
On this day, we all meet at Coop-Uganda, Bikeventures and Green hub offices and flag off our fun ride around Jinja!
It marks the initiative of encouraging motorists around Jinja to resort to using bicycles as part of the advocacy of preventing air and noise pollution produced by these vehicles, this causes a huge danger to human health and damages to the environment.
We can promote cycling around Jinja through this cause.
This is not a demonstration but rather an initiative where by all cyclists around Jinja meet, have fun and meet new friends while on the bike and discuss ways of transforming Jinja into a Bicycle city.
At the end of the ride we all gather and have some refreshments and have a one on one conversation about the JCMBR.
Drinks available in plenty.
Remember to bring a friend or four with you as to portray the impact of the Bike
Please note the following:
1. Our rides are free and open to anyone who can cycle approximately 7 kms with own bike.
2. Our rides are supported by Police cyclists and staff cycling marshals.
3. Our goal is to get as many people as possible back on bicycles and ultimately transform Jinja into a cycling city
4. You MUST leave the ride with a new friend. We want cyclists to know each other and more rules will be shared the day of the ride.

All profits are donated to the bicycle projects of Cycling out of Poverty Foundation
to support students, health care volunteers, farmers and small entrepreneurs in Uganda