Bikeventures is a social enterprise (not for profit business) offering bike tours, -rentals, safaris and events operating in Uganda and Kenya. We are more than a bicycle adventure and all profits are donated to www.coop-africa.org.

Quality service. We value quality. All our products and services are offered with an exceptional high standard. From excellently maintained bikes to friendly experienced tour guides – we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Responsible Tourism. This is one of our top priorities.  We always employ local staff and operators during our bicycle tours, safari and events so that your money remains in the local community. We insist that our local staff are contacted and employed at a responsible salary. We provide training where possible for them to develop and grow their skills and experiences.

The Cause. Cycling out of Poverty Foundation is a charity that aims to improve the well-being of African families by making bicycles available and accessible. Working in line of 9 of the Sustainable Developments (published by the United Nations) bicycles are distributed to students, healthcare workers and social entrepreneurs to improve access to education (Bike4School), health care (Bike4Care) and businesses (Bike4Work) in Kenya and Uganda.

Since the charity was founded in 2010, the social projects have achieved incredible outcomes, distributing over 2,000 bicycles alone and are providing a heavy impact on educating how instrumenting a bicycle into a daily routine is economically viable.  For more information please visit www.coop-africa.org.

As a client, your payment contributes to the success of our social projects. You can still go that extra mile to support our vision: a bike makes the difference! From a one off donation or setting up a regular donation (monthly or yearly), please follow the link www.coop-africa.org/donation.